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:: Spotlight :: $ Transfer Function display from Smaart software. ¢ Transfer Function display from SATlive FFT software. quality of the work. Signal sources built into an FFT may include random white or pink noise, burst random, periodic noise, manually adjustable sine, swept-sine, periodic chirp, burst chirp, and oth-ers. But the real power of an FFT is that it can make meaningful measurements with any source that contains enough energy in the spectrum of interest. MATTER OF COHERENCE You can measure a sound system in a room full of people by using the pro-gram material as the source. This slows things down a bit because the process requires gathering a sufficient number of samples, averaged together, to produce useful results. But that’s no big deal. On a fast machine, 50 samples can be acquired and averaged in a matter of seconds. And what’s more, the machine 28 Live Sound International March 2013

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